Our Journey

Karishma is a renowned family-owned business since three decades that has established itself as a leader in the tiles industry, operating multiple retail showrooms throughout India. The brand is synonymous with exceptional design and style, offering tasteful elegance that perfectly complements any space. Since its inception in 1986, Karishma has grown from a retail shop in Ashok Vihar, Delhi, to an impressive presence with four retail showrooms in the Delhi NCR region, four in south India, numerous dealers across the country, an in-house designing plant, an extensive import network, and a wide distribution network spanning the entire nation. The name "Karishma" embodies delicacy and distinctiveness, symbolizing the creation of magical surfaces and celebrating individuality. The logo serves as a signature of refined and discerning design. At the core of Karishma's values lies a deep commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, driving every aspect of their business operations.

Our Founders

Sandeep Chadha

In 1987, Sandeep Chadha made a remarkable entrance into the surface design field, igniting it with creativity and brilliance. With a strong desire for perfection, he possesses a profound knowledge of tiles and stone. With his forward-thinking and deep passion for surface designing, he continues to inspire, innovate, and shape the future of tiles and stones.

Rohit Chadha

Rohit Chadha is a visionary entrepreneur with a deep passion for surface designing. With decades of hands-on experience under his belt, Rohit Chadha has emerged as a true luminary in the realm of surface design. His journey began as a humble exploration of his fascination with textures, patterns, and materials, and it culminated in the establishment of Karishma,


Pranav Chadha, a driven individual, pursued his education in Business Management and Finance at Melbourne, Australia. He joining the family business in 2019. With his keen eye for business, Pranav brings a fresh perspective to the company. His dedication for quality and innovation drives the brand forward, ensuring that Karishma Tiles and Stones continue to excel in the world of surface design.


At Karishma, our artisans are the beating heart of our company, infusing our designs with life and substance. Their diverse backgrounds and exceptional skills converge with a shared dedication to craft, innovation, and excellence. Each day, they pour their passion into handcrafting tiles and stones, refining every detail to exceed the expectations of our clients. Working with materials ranging from natural stone to porcelain, and employing techniques from hand-painting to digital artistry, they create uniquely beautiful surfaces.


“We believe that the spaces we inhabit play a crucial role in our well-being and quality of life. That's why we're passionate about creating surfaces that not only enhance the beauty and functionality of spaces but also elevate the human experience.”




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