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Our Tiles Showroom in Jagatpuri

Located In the heart of Jagatpuri’s ceramic market, Karishma Tiles is the picture of splendour, luxury and refinement. We offer tiles in Jagatpuri for your beloved homes and commercial spaces. The best tiles showroom in Jagatpuri for an endless collection of exclusive premium quality tiles suitable for home decor and commercial spaces.

We are at the forefront of the tiling industry as we provide our customers with quality tiles that reflect their personal sense of aesthetics and grandiosity. It is our mission statement as a company to curate designer tiles at competitive prices in semblance with the wishes of our customers.

Our Tiles shop in Jagatpuri is adorned with a state-of-the-art collection of tiles, which has often been reviewed as ‘timeless’ and ‘fresh’. At Karishma Tiles we prioritise not just visual appeal but also durability. Our commitment is to exceed the expectations of all our customers. Our knowledgeable consultants are readily available to provide guidance and explanations, assisting clients throughout their decision-making process.



A Treasure Trove in the Jagatpuri Tiles Market

We have innovated tiling in various homes and spaces. Take our 3D stone art tiles, decided with tactile expertise, advanced machine sculpting tools and sculpting artisans who have decked multiple walls.

Our tiles showroom in Jagatpuri is a gold mine of the best tiles the market can present. We’ve got something to suit every taste and pocket from the classical beauty of marble inlays tile meticulously designed to the breathtaking veneer of glass mosaics. But it is not just this wide choice. It is of cutting-edge quality and durability that can breathe life into any space available for transformation.

Jagatpuri tiles market is dominated by Karishma Tiles as we are more than an ordinary tiles shop in Jagatpuri. What separates us from the others is our dedication to ensuring that our customers can buy from us the modern designs of the decal. Visit our tiles showroom and witness it yourself.

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Why Choose Karishma Tiles?

Karishma tiles have stayed in the business for more than 3 decades now, Our mission to achieve excellence in surface design has reinvented the tiles in Jagatpuri. Our tiles showroom in Jagatpuri is one such showroom where we constantly update our collections, providing our customers with options relevant to this modern era and also tile designs which are reminiscent of a glorious past. Our customers come in various shades, and we are in awe of their individuality.

Our talented design team works directly with customers for tiles in Raja Garden to understand their unique requirements and preferences. We provide personalised design options that are tailored to each person's preferences and needs. It is ensuring a truly personalised and satisfying experience. Come discover the length and breadth of our services at our tile showroom in Jagatpuri, from designer slabs to ornamental mandir designs, we do it at competitive prices.

Our empathy on the tiles stretches far beyond beauty. We know the issues that make our products unique in their performance. Beauty and style are not the only things that matter to us, content resistance of slipping, the ease of maintaining hygiene, and their long life count as much as their appearance.

Visit Us and Transform Your Space

One needs to put only a little effort into changing the course of their life and space, visit us at our decked-up tiles showroom in Jagatpuri, we would be honoured to receive you and take you through the process of finding the perfect tile for you.